The Government is providing free lunches for every student at Hamilton Junior High School for 2021.  This initiative is free - there is no cost to any family

Please ensure your children's details are updated to ensure we have allergy and cultural information recorded. We require this to be accurate so that your child is catered for.

Bitelab (Montana Catering) in conjunction with the Ministry of Education sets the menu and make our healthy and nutritious lunches.

For further information regarding the menu please visit bitelabs website

Term 1 Menu


  1. Chicken, cheese and mayo sandwich

  2. Pretzels

  3. Carrot sticks



  1. Roast beef, cheese and slaw roll, with BBQ sauce and mayo

  2. Blueberry muffin

  3. Yoghurt suckie


  1. Chicken tender and salad wrap, with mayo

  2. Apple slices

  3. Yoghurt suckie


  1. Roast beef, cheese and tomato relish sandwich

  2. Cherry tomatoes

  3. Whole fruit


  1. Chicken teriyaki, rice and slaw with mayo

  2. Yoghurt