Hub 5

Term 1

Hub 5 this term has been working on Leadership  for their inquiry topic. This work has been integrated with literacy to develop their overall reading and writing skills. 

In Math, our focus has been on Number and really achieving the basics in the four operations, fractions, decimals and place value. Each math lesson we start with a starter of 21 or Battleships (which helps with knowing coordinates), followed by a quick 10 questions.  Following this, students are able to direct their own learning based on pre test marks that show where the gaps are in their learning. 


One of our big successes has been completing our class aeroplane with all the students being on this to show our journey over the year. We have written a class treaty which we will adhere to also. 


Our treaty is this:

  • We will have high expectations to achieve.

  • We will teach each other with respect and dignity

  • We will welcome others into our class politely

  • We will communicate positively

  • We will love up to our school vision and values   


Our school vision is to Nurture the Knowledge - Whangai te Matauranga which encompasses the values of mana, manaaki, aroha and ako. Our class is developing these values and working hard to grow them as part of our daily expectations so that we can become adaptive, capable and mature members of society.