Hub 2

Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro, nōna te ngahere

Ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga, nōna te ao!


The bird that feasts on the berries, the forest is theirs.

The bird that feasts on knowledge, the world belongs to them!


E ōku nui, e ōku rahi, ko tā te kai i roto i a Akomanga Rua, ko te mātauranga!


Welcome to Hub 2, where we as a class strive to strengthen, nourish and guide one another as we adhere to the values of our Kura which are Ako (reciprocal learning), Mana (integrity & pride), Aroha (love) and Manaakitanga (to care).


This Term we have had a big focus on setting our expectations, routines and standards for the classroom and making sure that everyone has the opportunity to meet those expectations. We have focused on National Identity and how this links to Kiwiana, our own unique identity as a country.

In mathematics, we have had a big focus on number knowledge and understanding and solidifying our basic facts skills.


We have an open door policy in Hub 2. If you ever want to come in and check out what your child is done in class, nau mai, haere mai, all are welcome.


Ka rere āku mihi ki a koutou, ki a tātou i whai wā ki te whakakīkī ai i tō tātou kura.

Nō mātou te whiwhi, nō mātou te hōnore.


Nāku iti noa

Matua Waitawa Peepe

Kaiako Akomanga Rua

Kaiako Reo Māori

Term 2

Tēnā koutou e te whānau whānui o Te Au o Tamatea, Nau mai haere mai ki Akomanga Rua (Hub 2). I am pleased to report that the Hub 2 students are working hard to develop their understanding of Algebra by being able to explain and solve problems regarding sequential patterns. Here is a small insight into some of our students who have set learning progression goals, shown their knowledge and understanding of the topic and completed their goals, Ka rawe! (that’s AMAZING!)


In class we are also looking at our big kaupapa (topic) for the term being Rights and Responsibilities. In this topic we have delved into understanding what life and education was like in the 1950’s. This was an experiment to see how the students would react to how the laws of the land at that time affected society and for them to reflect on the laws we have today and how much society has improved.


We have also covered topics such as freedom of speech, fighting for our land and the way we learn today. These have sparked great interest and helped our students with the persuasive speech topics such as;

  • Should students and teachers learn te reo Māori in school?

  • Is online school better than attending school?

  • Rugby league should be a part of our school program!

  • PE needs to be taught more in school!

I look forward to sharing their learning more throughout the year!

Nāku iti noa

Matua Waitawa